Pricing Program for Small Business

I am not sure what Bubble is, but I am looking for information on building a Pricing program, is this something the Bubble community can help me with ? We have a program half done but our tech guy vanished and left us hanging.

Any help will suffice, thank you for your time


Bubble is a tool for building applications using visual programming.

Did your tech guy build it using Bubble?
If not, are you looking to rebuild it using Bubble?

I believe he used coding,

If you need any help with using Bubble to create your project then PM me :slight_smile:

Hey we honestly do not know what to do, Can I make a pricing program using bubble? like is this what this is for ? Ours is half done, and we just need to make some tweaks,

What do you mean by Pricing program?

okay so we own a print shop, and when were doing up quotes we have a program we can go into and look for various pricing on certain products such as business cards, the wicked thing about our program is that we can also turn our quotes into orders and i can then open them up in my accounting program and transform into an invoice. basically its a price list/program for us so we can quote jobs.

So that system can definitely be built on Bubble, but if I understand you correctly, most of it already exists? I’m not quite sure what does exist and what doesn’t exist. Do you have any additional details you can share?

It does exist, but it was never completed, for example, right now there is 3 of us that can access it through a webpage, and we can search up whatever we need pricing on. but sending quotes right from the program is not completed.( basically we cant email a quote right from there yet to a customer) and I cannot import the quotes into simply accounting yet to make them into an invoice. We also had one important feature we really wanted. Okay so say i go into this program and i click a bunch of items to add to my quote, then i email the quote. and theres a status showing quote sent, then once the quote is approved i want to be able to log into program and transfrm the quote now to an order, so now it would show live, and the guys in my press room would now know this job is a go and is active now to print, once job is complete then the bar next to my order number would say complete . so if i could play around on bubble and i guess re-create it that’d be awesome, but i don’t now where to click or how to get it started. If this is too intense for bubble I’ll have to find a tech guy but its been really hard.

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