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Principles to build a feature-based subscription plan

Hello everyone,

What principles would you follow to build a feature-based, 3-tier subscription plan for a SaaS product on Bubble?

  • How to structure the database to associate features and tiered-plans?
  • How to hide/prevent access to features based on plan tier? (payment gateway structure)
  • Which plugins to use (would be nice to have an out of the box plugin for such Saas plans)?

Answers need not to be complete. Partial ideas and additional questions are welcome!



Among many more needed, below just a few that come quickly to mind:

  • Create user roles (app admin, std tier 1, std tier 2, std tier 3)
  • Build page redirection logic to discriminate access (based on user roles and any other page condition if needed … like private vs public)
  • Build app admin functions to manage objects (users, access, and data objects that need management like products, services, features, etc etc)
  • Design pages to work for paying user roles so that selective content or abilities is shown selectively to a user depending on his/her role
  • If the app admin can access paid-user content pages … plan and build the logic for this

…. and the list can go on and on and on …. :sweat_smile:

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Thx for these!
Reading your points, it springed to me that there needs to be privacy rules, and those need to be linked the user roles.

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