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How do I create a subscription based app?

So I have 3 Tiers. Free, Mid and Pro. Mid and Pro should have the same amount of access to the website. Only difference is that we provide extra services outside the app to pro subscribers. How do I go about restricting access to the free user and giving the paid user full access to the app? Also how does the payment work?

Have conditions on pages that redirect them away.

Only when Current user’s Role is Free → Go to page FreePage or whatever you want to do.

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I dont know if my way is the most efficiënt, but i show / hide elements & features based on a field called “Tier”, in the User datatype.

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how do I assign roles? I’m very new to bubble

Create an Option Set ‘Role’ which has the list of user roles (Admin, User)

Create an Option Set ‘Subscription’ which has Free, Mid, and Pro.

Save these option sets to the user :slight_smile:

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Is this under privacy?