Print from iOS?

I am considering jumping over to Bubble, but I need to be able to print from iOS without any dialog box. Is this possible in Bubble?

Hey @Anvil,
Welcome to the Bubble community!

Not 100% sure what you mean; you can hit the “Share” button at the bottom of Safari and then navigate to print this page. Is that what you mean, or what do you mean?

Thank you for the welcome, and thanks for responding.
I’m sorry for being unclear. I’ll try to explain better:
I need to print labels on a Brother labelprinter. When a user presses a button in the app, a label should print automatically without any further action needed from the user.
Like a shipping company printing out shipping labels. When pressing a «print» button. The shipping label should print at once.
My experience is that it is difficult to get a iOS device to print without the print dialog box appearing. And I was windering if this somehow is possible with Bubble?

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