Printing to a receipt machine with bubble directly with a click of a button


Really need help as i am trying to integrate with a receipt printer.
However i did a search in bubble and see no light.
Can any one help me here.

The printer is as below
Bixolon SRP-E300 Direct Thermal Receipt Printer

Or anyone who did this before with other receipt printer do advise me thank.

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In my limited experience it can be quite complicated. Are you wanting to print from mobile device or PC?

I had a similar need, but to print labels, and only from mobile. The only solution I could find was to a zebra printer. And even then Zebra wasn’t any help. I finally ran across a zebra distributor who had created an interface app that allowed it to work. I think it only works on mobile devices, though. It’s been functioning over a year now.

I’m not able to provide you any specifics at the moment, but I’ll be happy to share later if you think this may help.

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There’s different options depending on the printer. You can also have a look at Google Cloud Print. I don’t know for your specific printer how this can work.

That only works for Android, right?

Not Google Cloud Print from what I know. But you need to have physical PC connected. You use Chrome to configure the printer and after you can use API to send thing to printer.

But a lot of printer also have cloud solution integrated and sometimes it’s easier to use.
Some can also use email. you send an email to the printer and attached doc will be printed.

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