Privacy rule- help needed


I have a data type recordings, these recordings will only be accessed by premium members.
Also these recording will only be available for 60 days from when they are uploaded. On the page load I have added a condition which shows them the recording is expired if it is older than 60 days, but they can close the popup from inspect tools and still view the recordings.

Is it possible for me to restrict this access if the recording is older than 60 days in privacy rules Or is there any other way to achieve this. I do not want the data to be loaded if the recording is expired.


Yep just add a condition to the privacy rule based on created date + days :slight_smile:

*Edit - I needed more coffee, you cant add that condition in privacy rules.

I do not have access to recording creation date in privacy rules

Yep I was wrong, completely forgot how limited privacy rules are atm.

Hmm what about a backend workflow which Deletes or changes a field on the recordings when they are expired?

So a wf runs daily on all recordings where created date + 60 is greater than today, deleting or editing them so a privacy rule can apply?

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If you’re not going to let them re listen to them in the future then deletion would be ideal to clean up the database

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