Privacy Rules and a Prepopulated Checklist

Hiya! I’m having some issues figuring out how to make something (that feels like it should be simple) work.

I have an app that provides all users with a prefilled to do list in a repeating group. I built in a checkmark icon so that it becomes a to do list people can interact with. However I’m having issues with the privacy rules somehow because when 1 user checks a box on their to do list, then every users same box gets checked, even though they haven’t completed whatever it is that’s on the list.

How would I make a checkbox only apply to the user clicking it?

Thank you!

You need to create a list of items for each user to check off.

At the moment you’re giving all the users the same list of items. So when you want to assign an item or a list of items to a user, you need to copy them or create them through a workflow.

Hope that makes sense?

I think I do but I’m a little confused. How would I do this for all of the icon checkboxes I’ve currently made? Do I need to start from scratch?

It depends, what are the check boxes for? Are they the same questions for every user?

Yes! So every user has the exact same to do list. I just need their actual checking to be unique to their account.

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Is there a foreseeable future where you might want to A, change one or more items for just one user, or B update one or more items but for everyone?

The only future will be B: I may want to update the items for everyone (this is a system where everyone follows the same steps so they’re not unique to anyone).

Cool, in that case, I would suggest incorporating an option set so you can easily make future mass changes.

Create an option set called questions, add each question in there.

In the UI add and RG which displays a list of all the options.

Add a list of Questions field to your user data type

When a user clicks “done” in your RG, add this cells Question, to the current users questions list.

Then you can have a conditional rule to display they RG cell as complete if the current users questions list contains this cell’s question.

Then if you want to change these later you can change that option.

Hope that all makes sense :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay I think I have like half of this. Would you be able to show screenshots of what exactly you mean by everything from “when a user clicks done…”?

This is super helpful, thank you so so so much for explaining this. I am incredibly grateful!

You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

I mean like, a checkbox icon, or a button you might have, which would be in the row containing the checklist item.

So when they click that, add the option to their list.

Then you can have a conditional rule to display a different icon, checked, if the users list contains that item.

Then probably also add a workflow to remove the option from their list, so they can uncheck it later.

If you get stuck send me a DM and we can screen share