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Hi guys, I am at the final stage of completing my website but am completely stuck on the privacy rules.

My website allows users to answer specific questions about a book to help them remember what they read. However, when I log in as a user and fill out my answer, another user can see the answer I’ve typed in. I’m therefore not sure how to set the privacy rules to ensure that the answers are only saved for a specific user.

I tried setting a bunch of different rules but am still unable to restrict users from seeing another user’s answers - any ideas?

Instead of current user select this question from the start.

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Hey Mike, thanks a lot for the help! I tried this for the ‘Questions’ and it makes the questions disappear, so i created a rule for ‘Answers’ in the way you’ve described before.

I can now see the questions again but am still unable to hide the answers from other users… any thoughts?

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Can you share access to your app?

Sure, here you go! Appreciate it

I’ve deleted the privacy rules as I was tinkering a lot and ended up messing it up! let me know if you need more info. feel free to create a couple of accounts to test it, or you can let me know when I should test it

thanks again, much appreciated!

Hi Nayan, Interesting app idea.

Right now I do not have enough time to direct you in the right direction. The thing is you have to reset your setup to let this work with privacy rules the way you need it.

My first advice would be to watch the following two videos about building Bubble apps. After watching these videos you will better understand what you are doing.


Thanks Mike, appreciate you having a look at it.

When you say reset setup, do you mean start from scratch? The reason I ask is that this is just for an MVP - I’m not looking to use this as a base to develop my app idea off. I am just looking to send this to 10-15 users for feedback and to validate the idea.

So if there is any simple way that may not be ideal in the long term, but works in the short term, without me having to start from scratch, that would be great. Once I have the idea validated, I would look to build it properly from scratch.

Hoping there is an easier way to go about this, just to let 10-15 users test it out simultaneously. Even if there is a way to do it without a username/password - I’m happy to just keep the app open, if there’s a way to allow each of the testers to independently test it

Nayan, For some reason your question was an interesting puzzle for me. So while taking a walk the answer popped into in my head.

And, because it would take me much more time to explain how to do this than building it, I created an example app for you.

I hope everything is self-explanatory.

Goud luck

The app

The editor

Mike, thank you so much! I really appreciate you keeping this in your head and coming up with a solution for it. I’m at work right now so will have a look and try and recreate it later on and let you know!

Thanks again

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Hi Mike, quick question - was there something you did that made the ‘Group Questions’ invisible? in ‘Preview’ or ‘Live’ mode, the pages with the questions just come up completely blank. When i open the debugger, it shows ‘Group Questions (invisible)’


Hi Nayan,

First tip: Set you “Application Rights” to “Everyone can view” instead of “everyone can edit”. Then you never have to ask this question again. :slight_smile:

To help you in the right direction “Everyone can view” should be enough.

To answer your question. No, I didn’t do anything with your application. The reason you do not see the questions is that you are viewing the page while you’re not logged in. Your current privacy rules prevent the questions from being displayed to users who are not logged in.

Doh! You are completely right on both fronts - I forgot to take it off Everyone can edit’. Updating the privacy rule for the questions works now.

Thanks again Mike, you’ve been a life saver!

Your welcome! I’m glad I can give something back to the community.

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