Privacy Rules problem (Rules that use "This Things X's Y" can't grant search access right now)

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I’m struggling with Bubble’s Privacy settings and the fact they are so simplistic (Rules that use “This Things X’s Y” can’t grant search access right now).

Once an app has inherent abstractions from the User or a data type in order to determine permissions, the Privacy rule immediately becomes too long for Bubble to handle.

My app has Workspaces, so there’s a level of abstraction between users (who could belong to many Workspaces) and the permissions they have in each Workspace. I can’t therefore make user permissions a property of the User - at the very least, it’s a property of Workspace Member. Moreover, the permissions for each table need to be set at record level, not table level. So it’s not good enough to store CRUD permissions for each Workspace Member for each table. Permissions are Role based too, so that’s another abstraction from each ‘Thing’.

I’ve looked for solutions on the forum and although there are people reporting the same problem, many threads have closed over time with no resolution. I haven’t found one solution to this problem.

I’m hoping there is a work-around? Some backend workflows or some genius plugin that makes all these issues disappear?

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Yes. Same here. Privacy rules are not very useful unless there’s a workaround for this. Maybe @petter knows something about how to do this, since his wonderful Ultimate Guide to Bubble Security (The Ultimate Guide To Bubble Security - How To Create Secure And Privacy-focused Apps In - Amlie Solutions) has examples with role-based permissions like being in a ‘company’.

I guess the only solution is to put the fields you need explicitly on every data type. I wish I’d known that when I started building, since a lot of Bubble advice says not to do that, to keep the DB lighter!

Any updates on this? It feels to me like this is a major constraint to having a good data model. Just building my first app and I’m having to restructure everything to work around this.

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