[New Tutorial] How to Setup Privacy Rules

Hey everyone,

We’re excited to show you and launch our new Academy tutorial, How to Setup Privacy Rules.

Privacy rules are your primary tool for securing your data, so if you’re about to deploy your app, you’re not going to want to miss this.

Click the image to watch the tutorial:
Bubble Tutorial Thumbnail (8)

Here are the timestamps for each section:
0:00 - What Privacy Rules Are
1:06 - How to Define a Rule
1:51 - Everyone Else (Default Permissions)
2:17 - Current User & This
2:46 - Privacy Rule Evaluation
3:14 - View all fields permission
3:37 - Find this in searches permission
3:54 - View attached files permission
4:09 - Allow auto-binding
4:27 - Reading Conditions
4:52 - Control The Entire Thing
6:26 - Granting Permissions For Fields
7:36 - Multiple Privacy Rules
10:47 - The Data API
12:05 - Debugging Privacy Rules
12:35 - Handling Workflow Security
12:57 - Setting Data Types to Private By Default
13:34 - Showing/Hiding Elements & Privacy Rules
14:18 - Privacy Rules Review

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask or reach out to support@bubble.io

Happy Building!


Love it @Jeremy! I’ve been a Bubble user for a few years now and this video has taught me wayyy more about Privacy Rules that I’ve know :blush: