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Privacy Rules: Not showing fields for current user

When creating a new rule, and selecting Current User, none of the fields are showing up:

bubble privacy rule bug 1

If you use “This Thing” they work fine:

I’ve submitted a bug report. Anyone else experiencing this issue??
I’ve tried different computers, different browsers, different apps, different data types. Same issue across all of them.

Just took a quick look, and yep, I’m seeing the same thing.

Edit: I never do this, but Josh himself advised in another thread that tagging Bubble can help the team gets eyes on stuff like this… so, @bubble, you folks know about this one yet?

thanks for the confirmation. It’s been about an hour since I noticed, will try to update here once I hear back from support. If you’re up for it, might be worth submitting a bug report too to add some weight, just link to this post to make it easy if you want! No pressure though. Thanks.

Bubble team have managed to recreate the behaviour and escalated to engineering team.

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Problem is now fixed.


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