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Show/Hide rules seem to be ignored

Hey guys, just noticed on my last upload that all the show/ride rules upon page load (such as conditions on elements) seem to be being ignored. Tried uploading another update to the app, but same still applies.

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I’m having the same problem. Since it’s apparently a bug more than one of us is experiencing, have you emailed support already?

nope, not yet.

I just emailed support.

Good Afternoon Support,

There’s a thread already started by another member, and I’m experiencing the same problem:

As an example, a logged in user is seeing fields that should be hidden.
My app is not public, so I’m including screenshots.

Prior to 14:50 Eastern time, this page would hide the text “you need to be logged in…” if the user was logged in. Now, using a logged in user, I’m seeing the text, even after a hard refresh of the page.

Upon review of the element, is is not visible on page load



Yep, me too…

Same here

It only happens to the not visible elements, not with the elements that’s only visible with custom states

Same here

We’re on it.


Same problem!!!

Pushing a fix now, should be live in 20min ish.


LOL I was looking everywhere in my app to see what I did wrong. Glad to hear it wasn’t another one of my numerous errors and is being resolved:)

It’s fixed, sorry about that guys.