Data display error, images are invisible and cannot be loaded

Nobody could solve this. Data can’t be displayed on the user page. Guys please support your tips with some in depth instructions, I’m fuckin new to this thing. Thanks a lot!

Hi there,

Have you checked your privacy rules?

That’s the thing. Where to check privacy rules ?

Thanks to Mike:

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I don’t have any privacy rule set up.

As Mike’s post mentions, there is a default one Bubble already has - are you sure that isn’t active?

no I’m sure . Could you suggest a privacy rule that gonna allow the User to see his only other people’s profile and his profile picture at the top.

I definitely recommend revisiting that post and the subsequent links it includes.

The other thing you’ll want to check is how you have the User data on the page. On the page data type set to User, with the user being Current User? Or do you have a group referencing current user? You’ll want to make sure you’re actually pointing your data source at the active user somehow.

I think that’s the problem I have a data called user where all the data of the users are stored including the one I wanted to be displayed. And I have another data called User where there is a data field USER set to user as its type. So the dynamic data goes like that: Current User’USER profile picture. Should I move all the data to one place which is User in that case?

How did you upload that data picture ? Uploader or from dashboard ?


So nobody gonna help??/ This is the third time I post the same problem, but no one seems to know the solution.


You have several people helping you in this thread. Everyone in these forums is a user like you, volunteering our time. We unfortunately cannot fix your problem, especially since we don’t know how your app is setup, butnwe can give tips to troubleshoot which help you solve it, and be a better Bubbler in the process. In this thread you keep asking for suggestions and then never follow up with what you learned or tried.

All of us have been where you are (and I still run into issues that take me a while to figure out!) but through trial and error, Google searches, searching the forum, etc, hopefully eventually you’ll find a solution that works for you.

I do think having all User data under the User datatype would be more straightforward.

In my experience , 90% of the time if you can’t find an answer, the solution is straightforward

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thanks for your input.

I think so.

Did you solve it ?

still wrestling with it

I kind of solved a part which is now the data is displayable on home page, but the profile picture is still unseen and one user information duplicates one or two times.