Privacy rules on backend workflow

I have a data type secured by a privacy rules. In the backend workflow I have an action that utilizes this Data type. I have to ignore privacy rules to make it work since every field of that data type is hidden. Is this secure or not? Will this backend workflow pushes data to the browser?? As I have an action on frontend “Schedule Api worflow”. Thanks

If the user that triggered that backend API workflow should be able to view that data type, you wouldn’t need to ignore the privacy rule.

No, backend API Workflows can’t return data to the frontend (yet)

If I’m a user, schedule API workflow in the backend is like shouting to someone in another room to say ‘do X!’ and then the person in the other room doing X in a secure room that I can’t enter. I can tell them to do X, but I can’t see what they’re doing or how they’re doing it.

If you ever need to return data from the backend, you can return data from API and call it from the API connector in the front end.

Thanks. Data type is hidden for all users that is why I had to ignore privacy rules and its working uptil now, cannot find data on browser.

Got it. :slightly_smiling_face: