Ignore privacy rules & Back-end Workflow issue

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I’m running into an issue that I believe has been raised a couple of times on the forum (in some way or another), but I haven’t found a solution yet. It’s pretty simple: I’m running a back-end workflow, with ‘Ignore Privacy Rules’ checked everywhere (see screenshots). However, a certain field is being blocked nonetheless (‘consultancyuser’, see the log) , and the issue is only solved when I lift the general privacy rules for this data field. So: it’s definitely a privacy rules-issue, but I don’t see how.

Am I misunderstanding how ‘Ignore Privacy Rules’ works, or is this unwanted behaviour?

consultancyuser is sent from the frontend as parameter for the request workflow so it needs to be accessible according to privacy rules. If you send an empty value as a parameter the workflow gets an empty value.
If the consultancy/organization is accessible but the user is protected send what is visible as parameter of the workflow and then get the restricted data inside the backend workflow where you can ignore the privacy rules.

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Yeah but since privacy rules are also ignored through the frontend workflow (it’s both checked in the frontend workflow and the backend one), you would expect privacy restrictions to not kick in.

You can’t ignore privacy rules in the frontend.
That check is only for the backend workflow. If it’s checked directly on the backend workflow it applies to every execution. If it’s checked in the frontend action it’s applied only for that specific execution.
If you pass a parameter to the workflow in the frontend you need to have access to the data according to privacy rules.


Ah, I see, that’s the distinction between checking it front-end & back-end. Thanks!

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