Privacy rules when finding a thing in zapier


I have a table which can be referenced by a Zapier zap. For this to be working, I have checked ‘find in searches’ for everyone else in this tables Privacy rules.

Will this cause this table’s data to be seen in dev tools or will this leak any information?
Is there a better way to do this?


Are you sure? Does Zapier not use an admin API key that can access all of your data?

So just connecting my bubble app to Zapier provides all access to Zapier to perform various tasks?

I believe so - privacy rules have never caused an issue when I’ve used Zapier (once…)

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Oh, let me check.
I might have to tweak all my rules now :neutral_face:

I’m not sure if there are different api key for team members?
If api keys differ then you can set up a team member in zapier with access only to the apps and zaps in the team shared folder

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Per google there are seperate API keys

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