[Privacy] Search for things in Privacy section


It would be great if Bubblers will be able to use more options such as Do a Search for in the Privacy section. Of course, these options may be limited, taking into account performance stuff.

At the moment, some cases with an advanced database structure require us to create kinds of containers that contain a list of things - and then we can configure the privacy. Unfortunately, this way is not a scalable one and has some performance issues; also, it requires adding more workflows, etc.

This thing was haunting me for a while. I’ve found a kind of hack that allows doing searches in this section.

But there are two issues at the moment:

  • This thing doesn’t work in these searches
  • It is not an official way

Let me provide a short scenario of a possible use-case:
An application with the friend request feature and private profiles.

So, if User A has a private profile, then only User A’s friends should be able to view his profile.

Of course, we can limit it via workflows and conditional elements formatting.
We also should be able to limit it on the Privacy level. In short, Bubble apps use APIs to get things. So, we need to restrict data on this level as well, or we may have problems.

Please have a look at the following screenshot of my test app.



Can you have a look at this with the engineering team when you get a chance, please?
I know you have crucial things to do, but maybe this one is easy to implement since it already partially works.



It’s even nice to work with this little hack! +1 for this idea!


Nice hack @lottemint.md - this method of copying and pasting expressions seems to work in a number of places in the editor. Wish this was fully supported if this is the case, interested to hear the reply from Bubble engineers on this one @eve


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Yeah. I hope the Bubble team will implement this one.

+1 on this! @eve any chance you could give some input on this topic?

+1 for better privacy rules!

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+1 :raised_hand:t4: