Private API key in header

Hello Bubble community

I am trying to load images from unsplash API
I don’t know what wrong i am doing i get some API OAUTH token invalid error

Here is my API call setup

Hi @anthony.viel
It means your key value is wrong
Luckily :upside_down_face: i worked with the unsplash API in the past
you just need to add “Client-ID” in your key value
I mean in the key value box you have to add “Client-ID <your key”>


@vajihahmed Thanks its working now :+1:

It seems to be not working, or am I missing something? I already added the “Client-ID + Key” but I am still having the same issue.

Hi @drozhatvids :wave:
Well for me it was working as mentioned
Can you share your screenshot or compare with mine along with solution