Pro Bubblers Data API question?

With Bubble’s Data api when you expose a data type it looks like it only exposes the Data Fields that are local to the Data Type in an API response?

So if I expose the user data type I see


But I don’t see
Company - Company

As that is a link to another Data Type called company

Is this correct, is this a Bubble limitation?

If you have a “Company” field in User DB… you should see the Company Unique ID in the USER Data API.
You can call the Company DB to get Company data.

Don’t forget that all of this are related to privacy settings too.

If you want to work differently on what data are returned from API, you can instead use a Backend WF API with Return data from API and modify the payload you are returning.

Thanks I think it maybe a Bubble bug although I will wait and confirm.

I enabled this in Settings - API and all the fields then appeared in the API response.

Just updating in case anyone else comes across the same issue. Turns out if the field is empty then Bubble will not return it in it’s response. So when you initialize an API call to a bubble DATA API you need to use a row that has all fields populated.

Thanks to Bubble support for figuring it out.

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Yes. Bubble doesn’t provide any empty field in API response. This is important to test with an item that is complete :wink: