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Problem: all pages are redirecting to index

Hate to ask such a broad question, but because this happened before I’ve gotta ask. Have any recent updates happened within the past hour? Suddenly, I’m experiencing issues where every page of my application is redirecting to the index. This is quite strange because I can’t think of any justifiable way to actually make something like this occur. Even my “lost password” and 404 pages are suddenly redirecting.

@emmanuel I can privately send you a link if you need to look.


Nothing has been pushed since Monday afternoon. Make sure you don’t have a mobile redirection or page load events on your pages.

Thanks, but I don’t have any of those in place. Particularly, for items like the 404 pages which have no workflows. I actually just made a page with no workflows at all and it too redirects to the index. Strange and unexplainable. I’ll send you a link.

Please file a bug report. Easier to process than PM

Do you mean here in the “bugs” section of the forum or is there another place?

Nevermind … found it. Thanks.

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So looking at your app you have set up a redirection to index when the password hasn’t been changed. That’s what you’re seeing. You should make sure users have a way to change their password so that it’s not temporary any more.

Wow. Thanks. Never would have seen that coming.

Looking at the reference pages I have to ask, under what circumstances is the password considered “not changed”? Is it after a specific period of time or some other conditions? The redirect came suddenly after the password had been used for nearly 6 weeks (at least).

Thanks for bringing this to light!

This happened because you set a password policy. If a user doesn’t meet the policy when he signs up, he can, but then his password is considered temporary, and he’ll be treated as such until he changes it.

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