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Forced redirect on Password Reset

So for some reason when i assign a temp-Password for a user, it’s forcing them over to my mobile page in my app and preventing them from accessing any other pages (just redirects back to the mobile page)

I don’t have any sort of workflows setup for redirects except for an index redirect for logged out users. i Have no idea why it’s picking that page and not the index page for instance, and i also have no idea why everything worked just fine until i assigned the temp password :confused:

Also note the the redirect happens much sooner than normal (like my other index rediects will actually load the page, then redirect … but not in this case, it’s almost instant.

Also sidenote: my emails for password resets aren’t working right, the emails are sent to the users fine, but the link they click won’t load (gives a hsts error for lack of secure connection) so idk if these two things are related or not

Update: If i run “Update users credentials” and they actually enter that temp password and make a new password, it lets them access everything… so i guess i need to secure that mobile page better? Is it trying to rediect to a password-reset page?

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