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Setting "Redirect users that haven't changed their password"

Hi there - wondering if I’m missing something or if there’s a bug:

There’s an option in the app’s Settings, “Redirect users that haven’t changed their password” which lets you pick a page to redirect users to. We currently have this enabled, and have selected our “reset_pw” page there for users to be redirected to. However we’re finding that sometimes the attempt to redirect is actually trying to bring our users to: rather than to

Here are some additional details:

  • We have a page that allows our app’s super user to reset another user’s password. We do this in the workflow by assigning the selected user a temporary password. We send them the email with the new (temporary) password.
  • When the user gets that email, goes to our site’s log in, and logs in using their email and provided temporary password, they are redirected to, which obviously doesn’t exist.

It’s true that in our workflow our login page redirects users to the index page once logged in. But it doesn’t seem right to append the /reset_pw page to the URL of wherever the user is - instead it should take the app’s main url ( and then append.

Wondering if I’m missing something here and someone’s got this working properly, or if it’s a bug?


@NigelG have you run into this at all by chance?

Sadly not, no.

If it looks like a bug, then worth emailing support ?

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