Problem - Cant download files, always HTML

Hi Guys,

Been developing an application where users submit sign up and submit job requests with an attached file to the job requests, however recently for no reason we can understand the “download” function for uploaded files on our admin user page and the customer user downloads all files in HTML format rather than the actual file uploaded in the MultiFile Dropzone.

Below are screenshots with the source code for the HTML of the download function, creating a new submission for the job & screenshots of the job files when we as the admin or user try to download them:


Please help us understand the issue.


Why are you using an HTML element instead of a link element? If it’s a link element, you can just point to Current Cell’s Job File" as the URL.

I tried that but im getting this error here when i try link it to the URL:


Tried external linked, worked for dynamic data but when it tested in preview it opened up an empty blank page instantly. Any ideas why?

Hmm, not sure on that one. Does the blank tab stay open?

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