Problem database

Hello guys !
I hope you are okay.
I have a problem building my native app I can’t solve :
A user can post his city and informations about it on the app and others usesr can access to these info by writing a city name in a search box
But when several users post info about the same city, when the others users search for a city in the search box, it appears like that : ex : New York(1), New York(2)…
I would like it appears with just one city name even if several users post about the same one.
Thanks you !

Hi @felixthiollier63
In your search box datasource
Try to add :unique elements
you can read more about it here
Operators & Comparisons - Bubble Docs…-unique-elements

Thanks for your reply !
I don’t see a field datasource in my search box element…
So, when a user post a city, I replace the input by a search box, so that if the city already exist, the user click on it. But if the city doesn’t exist, the user can’t type nothing in the search box…