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I have a searchbox which searches for first names in a catalog with a lot of data, so some names are not appearing just once.

What I want is for the searchbox to make a distinction for each name and not show me, let’s say the name George, in a list fifteen times when I search for it, but instead just once.

Take as an ideal scenario this: Someone types the first two letters of the name name they’re looking for, but there are two names in the catalog starting with the same two letters with thirty data entries for each name. If I can have a distinction between names there should be only two names showing on my list and not sixty.

If there is any other way through some other element to do that, considering it will be a viable solution for big data in terms of speed (think of, maybe, millions of data entries) I’m willing to consider that too.

Any help on the matter will be appreciated


Did you try adding :unique elements to the source of that searchbox?

For that type of search, might be worthwhile to take a look at the Fuzzy Search & Autocomplete plugins.

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One option would be to create a datatype just for firstnames… and just add new entries when new firstnames add added (or iterate over your existing data to create the firstname entries, ensuring they are unique).

Alternatively, it’s not that hard to create your own searchbox element (either with a Bubble input and a group focus with an RG, or with your own html element).

Then you can use whatever data source you like (ensuring it only displays unique firstnames).

There are no doubt some plugins available if you don’t want to do it yourself.

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Liked the post but I’m deducting 0.3 Likes from it for the Fuzzy search plugin recommend.

I really dislike that plugin :laughing:

haha… there are 2 plugins. Do you really dislike the maker behind one of them? :thinking:

I’ve developed a disdain for the Zerocode one.

Which one do you use?

I just build my own. Works way better, faster and importantly I have full control over the WUs.

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