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Repeating group of Users do not show up

Hi everyone! I am trying to show the list of all my users in a repeating group, but it shows only one element for some reason.
So I have a list of users:

I created a repeating group with User type and do a proper search:

But this is what I get, only one random entry:

Please help, I’ve been trying to find the issue, it drives me crazy already :slight_smile: :frowning:

Hi there, @yuliia.kryvenchuk… the issue is likely related to a privacy rule on the User data type… probably This User is Current User. To see if that is the issue, check for such a rule and delete it to see if the users show up. You can always circle back to your privacy rules later to put the appropriate rules in place based on your app.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Mike! Thank you so so much!!! You saved my sanity :laughing:

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