Problem routing with new index

Hello Bubble forum!

Today, I was working on a Single Page Application (SPA) on a different page to subsequently replace the index and make it the main page. To do this, I replaced the index as shown in the following images:

Up to this point, everything is correct, the index is replaced by the new page and the old index is renamed.

Now, the routing has a problem since when clicking on one of the events, it redirects with the parameter “index” instead of “/” as it was done previously, as shown in the image.

This is the workflow for the redirection:

How can I make it redirect as before? If I remove the index from the URL and only leave events/e1, it redirects me to the 404 error.

If i go to page index, this load propertly

Hi there, have you figured out this issue?

I am also experiencing this at the moment.

Not solution at now m8, i solve this issue redirecting index page to another call to /c route to change the name

as far as I know, this NEVER worked. So when you append a parameter to the URL for navigation on the index page, you always see “index”. The only scenario when this DOES NOT happen is if you do this on another page (which is not the index page).

Navigating to /test from index > index/test
Navigating to /test from any other “real” page > real/test

Correct me if I am wrong. I find this pretty messy because it is NOT state-of the art and modern websites route via / a lot from the index page without showing “index”. There a multiple threads on this and Bubble did not do anything about it with the argument, that the index is required for the page to properly function. But at least they could provide a proper solution for clean navigation.

If you look at this plugin, even the provider of the plugin has a subpage called “category” to make this work.

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