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My website not showing data with some browsers

I’ve pushed one of my websites live and it’s unable to be viewed with Internet Explorer and Safari browsers. It works on Firefox and Chrome.
If I try to interact with any part of my website that is connected to the database, I get the following error message…
“Oops, your browser seems to have cookies disabled. Make sure cookies are enabled”
I initially sent an emailo Bubble support about the issue, but it’s taking too long to resolve, so I’ve decided to post my problem on this forum.

  • Has anyone experienced this before?
  • Is it likely to be on my end, or on Bubbles end?

I’m stuck and don’t know what else to do.
I won’t post a link here to my development page, because it’s complete and private.

On MS Edge

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Thankyou man.

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Very odd. IE can be a pain when it comes to third party cookies (or safe, depending on your POV).

However these are first party cookies and should be allowed.

The issue seems to be that bubble isn’t saving the cookie in IE, so when you come to get something from the user it can’t find the cookie.

I turned on cookie notifications, but when you go to the page it doesn’t do the request.

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I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to think of why this is happening.

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Not surprised. Very frustrating.

I did vaguely wonder if you could force bubble to write a cookie on entry to the page by storing something on the user. Might have a play later.

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Thanks Nigel. I appreciate your input.

How are you storing the session data ?

I ran a quick test on IE and my page requested cookie access immediately. Yours doesnt. Wonder why they are different.

I only have the data stored in the database if a user has signed in. Otherwise all the data should reset on page load.

Guys, this has still not been resolved. If anyone else has any ideas, please let me know.
I’ve already begun creating a duplicate of my website in code using Visual Studio. If I finish the coded version before I get this issue resolved, I will have to scrap Bubble altogether for this particular website.

What concerns me the most is that my next website is going to be literally ten times more complex, so it doesn’t exactly give me much confidence for my next project. I’ve already built half of it in Bubble, but have put the brakes on incase my first websites issues do not get resolved. :cry:

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Did you fill a bug report?

Yep, they said they would check it and get back to me. It’s taking weeks, so I decided to make a start by coding it myself. It will take me months to finish the code, so I’m still sticking with Bubble if this gets resolved by then.

It is odd it only happens on “restart” and some of the other buttons.

It does look like you are accessing the fake userid onbthose actions.

Those buttons are performing actions which access the database. The buttons that work, are accessing only custom states and not the database, both directly or indirectly.

Are those tables linked to the user ?

So, are you storing something on the user … Or are they linked to a user ?

Wondering how we can replicate .

The table on the front page is not stored as a User. If someones family member comes along to use it, I wanted them to be able to reset it. It is just a temporary-data table…
(more info below the images below)

What happens is - when a whole cycle has been completed (50 attempts), if the User is logged in, the data from that cycle will then be stored as a User and it will be stored on a different table which shows up when the user presses the “All History” button…

Yes, it was the Restart one that causes a read of the Cookie that fails. But wondered why it needed that cookie. It sort of looks like the Restart button needs something on the dummy user ID.

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Thanks for that info, it gives me something to work with.

In Firefox I can press f12 to bring up diagnostic tools, is there any such thing in Internet Explorer? How would I access it?

It’s the same. F12.

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So… I can see the same cookie error on one of my apps on IE.

But I can’t get the pop-up.

That was an SSL site, so switched to a non SSL and didn’t get the error.

A pain I know, but could you create a non-ssl domain to host your site ?

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