Search by date in repeating group

Hello Guys,
I have list of events in repeating group. Now I want to filter these events by date.
Please help me any body. Thanks in advance.

Just add a constraint in Do a search for, you are doing in RG’s data source.
Date/time= drop-downs value.

You can check ignore empty constraints in case you wanted to show data even if user haven’t selected anything in drop-down.

Problem is not solved. Plz explain in proper way

I have added a constraint (Date=Date/Timepicker’s A value) in Data source of RepeatingGroup Compare list.
In the constraint Date is a field in Compare List Data type just like your field name is Date/Time. Also, Date/Timepicker’s A is an Date/Time picker element just like in your screenshot April 9 2021 element is.

Hope this helps

Thank you brother…

Thank you sir… You have solved my problem. Thankyou for your kind efforts. God Bless You.

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