Problem with GPT API

Hi all! I am running in a quite strange bug with API calling of GPT and Claude aswell.

This is the API call Body:

And this is the workflow I use it with:

The “Current User’s text” is a simple text and it doesn’t work even with a simple sample text.
I also tried to provide the dynamic text from a multiline input or to run the workflow as a backend workflow. I’m quite hopeless by this point :smiling_face_with_tear:.

This is the error:

Never happened to me and was wondering if it could be a Bubble problem.
Thank very much for the help.

You cannot use formatted as json safe on a part of a string. You need to set it on the whole string because Bubble add double quotes around the string.
in api caonnector, change ..."content": <content>} and in dynamic field use arbitrary-text:encoded as json safe. in arbitrary test, set ```Return the informations from this V in a structured way: current user’s text

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Alright this seems to work… crazy, I didn’t think of it!
Thank you so much! <3

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