Problem With Group Focus

Hi I am having problems with the group focus element.

I am unable to position it relative to another element. Instead it always gets placed automatically to the top left of the header no matter where in the header I draw the group focus element.

After it is automatically located in the top left of the header I am unable to drag and drop it to any other location.

Hi @boston85719 :slight_smile: The groupfocus element can’t be dragged/dropped in the same way other elements can. Instead, each Group focus has a reference element. This is the element the group focus will ‘stick’ to, and you can slightly adjust its positioning near its reference element by changing the offset values.

To change the reference element and offset values, double-click on the groupfocus element and those options will be shown in the property editor. That should do it! :slight_smile:

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Thank you fayewatson. I have successfully used the group focus element and positioned as I needed. Big help as my entire day is dedicated to a large header with multiple areas that need the group focus element.

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