Group Focus Elements Keep Resetting Position


I’m not sure this is a bug, I’m working on my first app and the Group Focus element is working unexpectedly.

I’ve set the element up to appear as a dropdown to filter database entries on a page. I design everything carefully with x and y positions, but when I click out of the design editor, go to work flow or even database, all the Group Focus elements reset to the top left corner of the page.

As you see I aligned everything under their respective groups. However, when I go to Work Flow tab or Database tab, all the group elements go to the top corner:

It’s getting annoying having to reposition them constantly, and I don’t know if there’s something I’m doing wrong. When I preview the page everything is aligned properly, however, in the editor, it never is.

Can someone shed some insight?

Thanks for your help!

That usually happens if the reference element is not visible on page load, and not visible in the editor…

Is the reference element visible on page load and/or in the editor?

If it’s not visible on page load, make sure you make it visible in the editor before making the group focus visible in the editor in order to see it in the correct position (obviously the reference element will need to be visible on the actual preview/live page in order for the group focus to appear in the correct position)…

Hi Adam, do you mean this option?

All reference elements are set to be visible on page load.

Any other options I’m missing?


If they’re visible on page load then there shouldn’t be any issues when your app runs… have you tested it to see if it works in preview?..

If could just be a glitch in the editor… try refreshing the editor to see if that makes a difference

Indeed, I have experienced this editor glitch. Simply hiding and then re-showing the GF from the elements tree (clicking on the eye icon) causes it to jump back to its reference element.


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Yeah it works fine when the app runs, but I’d like to edit them in place. I’m still working on them individually and they’re all stack on top of each other.

Thanks. refreshing the browser seems to put them back in place. But they are hidden and I have to find the element in the Element tree to find them and show them. And then it does it again when I click on and off the page.

I suppose I can keep refreshing the page to show them, but then they’re all hidden.

It happened when I upgraded to the new responsive beta engine. So maybe it is a bug?

No question that it’s a bug. It hasn’t been annoying enough for me personally to have taken the time to report it, but I’d suggest submitting a bug report if it’s significantly impacting your productivity.

BTW, having a good consistent naming convention and being proficient with the elements tree and the element selection dropdown certainly helps with finding/navigating elements on the page.

Yeah it’s significantly impacting my productivity. I think at this point it’s easier to start from scratch and build in the beta engine from the ground up. What a waste of two days work… sigh

Starting from scratch is not going to eliminate the Group Focus issue. It’s an editor bug, plain and simple. I certainly understand that it’s quite annoying, especially with multiple GF elements, but the Bubble team can’t fix what they’re not aware of.

Anyway, I went ahead and reported this issue, as it’s easy to replicate. I suspect it will be fixed by the Bubble team in short order.

You’re right! Better for the greater good, I have filed a detailed bug report as well with reference to this thread. If it’s happening that often, it must be resolved!

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