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Screenshots and Description of Expectation vs. Reality
Below is the screenshot of my editor where the dropdown of the User information is right below the “User” text and dropdown arrow icon:

Below is the screenshot of my Preview, where the dropdown is not located where I placed it on my editor, but in the middle:

Is there any way for me to set the location of that dropdown right below my “User” text and dropdown arrow icon? Is there a way for me to fix it there or adjust depending on how wide the window is?

In this case, the type of thing that you want to use is called a Group Focus. (Located under the containers).

With a group focus, you define a reference element. (In this case, the group that encapsulates the"User" elements…or a specific element in that group).

If you’ve already created the dropdown as a group focus, double check the reference element to make sure you’re referencing the right thing.

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I’ll try that out, thanks @dan1!

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Hey @dan1, so I tried to create a group focus, but the group focus will not move locations, but sticks to the most left part of the header I created.

On top of that, I grouped the contents of the “User” text into a group (let’s say Group A), but I cannot place the reusable element dropdown menu into Group A. I was planning on grouping all the texts and the reusable element dropdown menu into Group A so that I can put them into the Group Focus as you mentioned, but it doesn’t seem intuitive to do.

Could you describe how the Group Focus should and can be used in this case? I’m uncertain on how the Group Focus can keep the location of a reusable element if it is only on the left hand side of the editor (or it seems that it can be outside of the boundaries that I have specified for my header reusable element).

Actually, I think what I can’t seem to get is how to get my reusable element dropdown (floating group) into that Group Focus (let’s call Group Focus A). If I am able to do that, then I can just make the reference element for Group Focus A the User Group and have it below that. Do you know if there are restrictions on where floating reusable element groups can be placed in?

For the group focus, it sounds like you set the reference to the header itself. Rather, set it to the object you want it to stick with. (Setting it to the header would naturally align it to the left, but you want it to attach itself to the icons within the header element).

When it comes to floating groups, think of them like a popup that has defined locations (ie pinned to a specific relative spot) that has permanency (ie. it can’t be clicked away - like a popup or a group focus).

Floating groups are great for headers, footers and permanent sidebars.

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