Problem with linking contacts to customers


I’m trying to create a CRM with Bubble. I have a customer table and a contacts table.
In the customer table I created a field called contact as a list, type contact (linked to the contact table)
In de contact table I created a field customer, type customer (linked to the customer table).

When I click on a customer in a customer list I get a page with all customer details. On one of those tabs of that page I would like to show the contacts of that particular customer.

Somehow I mix up a lot of things, experimented with repeating groups, but no succes whatsoever.

Could someone guide me step by step?

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PS: all over the internet people asked the same sort of question, but in those cases the user was involved. For me that is not issue, just customer and its contacts

Try this:

On your Customer page, place the RepeatingGroup and set its datatype to Contact. Set the data source to ‘This page’s Customer’s Contacts’.

Thanks a lot, that did the trick!

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