Problems displaying data from an API

I am trying to display data (Stock Quantity) from a woocomerce API. I have set the API up correctly (I think) in the API connector. However i am unsure how to populate a text field with the stock quantity.

See below image, when I call the API I pass the SKU, but I cannot seem how I can populate the text field with the Stock Quantity

You are probably doing an “Action” Api call. If your call do a GET data (only get and doesn’t create anything or update anything in woocommerce) you should use DATA instead of ACTION. In the text field, you will use Get Data from API.

Actually, for the Action, you w ill need to set a state and use the State value in the text field

It may be easier if I try and say what I am trying to achieve rather than saying what isnt working.

I want to enter a SKU and then add one to the quantity in the woocommerce database,