Problems Displaying Multiple Selections In RG Filter

Have a RG (Sub-Categories) where a user can select/unselect multiple selections. This works.

Have the workflow setup to add a Current Cell to the custom state using plus or removing a Custom Cell from the Current state, when a Sub-Category is selected or unselected.

This works.

Have a filter setup to filter what’s displayed in a second RG based on the custom state.

When I select the first item in the Sub-Category RG, any items in the second RG are displayed.

But when I select more than one item, only the first item is selected. And if I unselect the first item and still have the second item displayed, the second item gets displayed.

Looking at Element Inspector, I have the custom state set up as:

Not sure how to fix this (but I’m sure it’s an easy fix) :grinning:

And is there a way to see all values in a list custom state after the workflow has finished?

In your Search for Items you are only comparing the first item of the sub-category list. When you add more items you are still only looking at the first item. You need to ask if the Sub-Category is part of the list. Try changing expression to Sub-Category ‘contains’ test’s Sub-Category List.

I tried what you suggested (Sub-Category contains test’s Sub-Category List - but contains isnt in the dropdown after you enter Sub-Category. I was able to get it to work by Sub-Category is in test4’s Sub-Category List. Thanks - you put me on the right track!

Is there a way to see all of the contents of a custom state after a workflow has completed?

You could display the data (state’s list) in a repeating group as the last step in your workflow. You can also find the state of an element in the debugger/inspect.

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