Problems sorting RG?

I have no idea why, but whenever i try to sort my RG(pic), nothing happens, no matter which sorting-type i try

Help pls

It’s not sorting correctly is what you’re saying? Any of those Conditionals messing up the data source or anything? Privacy Rules not letting it see the StartTime field?

Hmm maybe its the conditionals?

It’s not sorting at all
This is basically for letting the user show “last 7 days”, “last 14 days” etc.
Might this screw with the sorting?

The “Search for” in the conditionals are also searching based on “StartTime” if that means anything

Did you check privacy rules that the user can see the StartTime field. And the conditional’s searches also need the same sorting

My privacy rules are good.

How do you mean same sorting exactly, this is how the conditionals are now:

Yea so if your condition is met you’re gonna make that search the new datasource, which is unsorted

Like it won’t be smart and “add those constraints” to the original search

I cant add the constraints to the original search, in the pic the “dropdown” is an element outside of the RG

Maybe i dont understand what you mean by “original search”

Your first screenshot is the default/original data source for the repeating group.

I am assuming your 2nd screenshot is some condition you’re checking for, then if true you are making the datasource that new search instead?

If so, when your condition is met, you are changing the RGs datasource to that new search, which doesn’t have any sorting, and doesn’t have the Current User constraint

I understand, and it works!

Making the “sort by StartTime” for every “Search for” in each conditional, thanks!!

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