The conditions assigned to a "Repeating Group" no longer work after

The conditions assigned to a “Repating Group” no longer work after a “Do a search / sort” on this “Repeating Group”.

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If you post screen shots of your data source for the RG we can help identify where the issue is, including any conditionals you have.

When the page is first loaded.


Conditionaly filtering the repeating group with dropdown values


Workflow on arrow down icon

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Your workflow when the down arrow is clicked resets the data source and there is now no constraint.

To fix the filtering, try this: Instead of your conditional, add your constraint to the original data source and mark “ignore empty constraints”.

Also, to fix the sorting, try this: Add a custom state to your page called something like "SortField. Then sort the data source by dynamic field “SortFiled”. Then change your workflow to merely update custom state to be the field name you wish to sort by.

These changes will simplify your data source to be just one main search and you won’t need conditionals.

I’ve removed the conditionals and added a constrain

Added a custom State on the page

The workflow on the down arrow

The workflow on the Up arrow

But the result is the same than before.

I can display the results of the search in the dropdown as long as I don’t do a sort…

Thanks for your help.

You don’t need your step 1 in the arrow up workflow.

A few theory tips on getting your dynamic filtering and sorting to work:

  1. When you “Display list” via the workflow you are resetting the data source of the RG as opposed to adding some logic to it. Just remove that completely.
  2. You can do everything you want directly in the single data source of the RG. My learning experience going through this same process recently is to keep the data source as simple as possible (no conditionals and workflows to alter). You can achieve this.

There is no other way to start sorting on a click other than through a “workflow”.
I tried and it works using “is pressed”, but it doesn’t match the demand ;-).

You don’t need the conditional and you don’t need to worry about using a workflow to change the datasource. Just use your custom state and do it like such:

In your RG data source, select “change which field” and then select the custom state “SortField”.

The result should look something like this:

and your datasource can look as clean and tidy as something like this:
Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 11.28.27 AM


I am sad and ashamed but I did not succeed in implementing the logic that you indicate to me (I’ve spent 5 hours :wink: ).
I had to fall back on the creation of a second similar “repeating group”.
One resonating with the search on “dropdown” and visible if the value of “dropdown” is not empty.
The other resonant with sorting and visible if the dropdown value "is empty.
I am aware of the cumbersome nature of the solution and the possibility of errors generated …
In addition, this is pretty much valid for a column; but it is not conceivable to create two “Repeating groups” per column.

If you have time to create an application corresponding to the problem and share it …

Thank you for your time.


@abaudin, i think it will be easier if you share your app with me.

I 've send you the link by message :slight_smile: