Problems using own domain

Hi bubblers,

I’m trying again to get my app to use my own domain name and I have made all of the necessary adjustment in the domain/email setting of my app in the bubble editor as well as the DNS settings of my domain registrar. However I’m running into the same problems in all browsers. Can you guys take a look and help me get my app to work with my own domain. The domain is , you can open it to see what’s happening right now. I’m attaching some screen shots from my bubble editor settings, as well as my website registrar and what all of the browsers on my mac state when I try to load the page. I think it has something to do with the SSL certificate and security.

Can you guys please help me get this issue sorted out?

If you had a domain name previously attached (or added/re-added), try unchecking the SSL button at the bottom of the page and then re-checking it. (I ran into a caching issue of sorts once and that - I believe - fixed it).

As well, were you previously using this domain name somewhere else? What’s confusing me are the AAAA records. My thinking is that those records may be a legacy (either from a prior connected website or something 1&1 added automatically) and that those are causing a conflict.

I just unchecked the SSL button and checked it again, lets see if this is gonna have any effect. Also I just purchased the domain recently since the .app extension became available not too long ago. I haven’t used the domain prior to now and these AAAA setting were there already. I’ll delete them to see if this could have an effect as well.

Dan, thank’s for the suggestions! Any other ideas?

Got it to work, I’m not sure what exactly helped, but its all good!

Thanks again!

Glad that worked. Be sure to mark as solved so others find this in the future. My bet is that it was the AAAA records.

+1 for using the .app domain name :smiley:

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