Bubble app url stopped exisitng?

About to demo app for clinet in 30 min and entire app URL is not longer valid… as if my app just vanished… What is going on?

Do you still own the domain?

Yeah I own the domain and it’s find all the way through cloudflare but as soon as it tries to hit bubble it says that it can’t do the SSL hand off and when I try to preview the app from the bubble thing it just says oops there’s nothing here

Also I haven’t touched anything on this app in like 2 weeks and it was working fine last night when I checked it

@emmanuel is there some dns issues going on with bubble?

Just to be clear, you’ve tried accessing the site through incognito, right?

No I could try that

Same issues

You’ll probably get a better/faster response by submiting a bug report at https://bubble.io/bug_report.


I’ve had a similar thing.
Found a few other domains were inaccessible at the same time.
Which country are you in?

I found out my issue was bubbles ssl became incompatible with CloudFlares SSL hand-off… i dunno why that changed. I had to lower the security on CloudFlare to make it work with bubble again.

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