Conditional Statement not working?


I have an app on Version 10 that uses conditional statements to show different buttons in the navigation bar depending on whether a User is logged in or logged out.

“Group Logged In” contains buttons to show when a user is logged in. The checkbox for “this element is visible on page load” is unchecked, and a conditional is set on the group to make this group visible when Current user is logged in.

However, recently, when a user is logged in, the buttons are not visible.

The navigation bar should look like this when a user is logged in:

I checked the privacy tabs for any restrictions on the User data type, and there are none. Is this simply a problem with the version of the app? Or is something else going on?

The only recent edits I’ve made were to add code in the header via settings for Google Analytics and Tag Manager.

Thank you in advance!

UPDATE: I realized the navigation options were programmed as link elements. I still have no clue why they weren’t visible, but I changed them to button elements and this seems to have solved the problem. Any info anyone can provide would still be appreciated.

Thank you!

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