Problems with horizontal scroll bar

I am creating a repeating group of thumbnail images that tie to the user’s profile image. The purpose is to show on a list of tasks, on the Assignee column, what users are assigned to that specific task. I am using a horizontal scroll layout style and I am getting an unintended and unwanted scroll bar at the bottom of the thumbnail images. Does anyone know how to remove it? the screenshot is below for clarification.

The end goal is having the user image bubbles look very close to how they look on this forum.

screenshot for class

It is known issue in Windows. One of the way to fix it - set your RG to fixed number of cells.

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You can search the forum to find a way to design the scroll bar or hide it using CSS trick. I think there’s also a few tool on the plugin market that can help.


Thank you both, I did find a solution.

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