Scrollbars suddenly appearing where they shouldn't be

Working on my app last night it looked great. I refresh today without changing anything and I’m getting scrollbars all over the place:

Did Bubble make an update here? I’ve tried tweaking settings and not sure how to fix it.

This is showing a nested RG structure:

I’ve went through and checked the layout for each group:
RG Product Instance:

Group Product Instance:

RG Questions (1 col, unlimited rows)

If I’m fitting the width to content, and the max width is inf, then why the scrollbars? Same with the height.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


Hi there, @johndurso… Bubble did make an update today related to repeating groups, and it probably couldn’t hurt to submit a bug report so they can take a look at your issue.


Thanks, I did see that they made an update and I just filed a bug report. Are you experiencing this issue - unnecessary scrollbars in repeating groups?

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No, I am not seeing that issue.

I’m also getting major issues the layout of my repeating groups has been completly changed - on iPhone only. Works fine on PC!

Interesting - I haven’t checked on mobile but I’m getting the scrollbar issue in Chrome and Edge on Windows.

How has the layout changed for you? Does it involve extra scrollbars or something else?

It has involved extra rows appearing where there are none! other people seem to be getting the issue as well.

Do you know if there is a way to revert to a previous version of the bubble engine - it seems to have pushed the changes to my live site!

Same here. An extra scrolling bar showing up for a lot of repeating groups.

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This issue should be fixed!

Hey guys,

it’s not really solved, unless I am not doing sth I should. I have a design from old engine. And there are horizontal scrollbars everywhere. I managed to fix it on one RG but I am not sure how I did it. To me it looks bugged.

Overflow on each div?