Problems with the api keys in stripe plugin

Hi everybody
I have a problem with gooiing life with stripe in my bubble app
With the test keys there were no problem, but with the live keys I get this
Can somebody help me please.
I feld out the 3 keys
live client id
liive secret key
live publishable key
What do I do wrong?

You are in the development mode, so you need to add the development keys too.

Hi Adrian,
I added my testkeys and indeed in test mode it worked but when I try to go life I get a bug the moment I push my button to pay with stripe plugin V3. What should I do?

Have you pushed your app is production (live mode) once you’ve set the live keys?

Not yet. Oooh is that the problem?
I ll try

I think yes :wink:

I did but what is it? a boost?
What does it do?

No, when you work on your app, all changes are reflected on the development version of the app, aka “myapp/version-test”.
For your last changes to be taken into account in the live version (aka the production version of your app, without the version-test part of your app url), you have to deploy your current development version in the live mode.

If you have added your Stripe keys in the development version of your app only, you have to deploy in production for all your changes and settings to be taken into account in the live mode.

Thanks for explaining
kind regards

Does it work now?