I reinstalled my AP keys in google and placed them in bubble and still a bug

Did somebody had the same problem with the live version?
I created a seperate client and server api key and putted them in the two boxes in Bubble. What did I forgot? I still get a bug when I try to pay with stripe plugin V3.

Please explain so we can help, you said two different things. Google AP keys and Stripe V3?

Hi, The problem with the Google keys I already solved.
Now I just got this the moment I push my button to pay with stripe plugin V3.
Should I remove the test keys?

From the error message is seems as though your Stripe action is referencing a customer in your test data, but you’re working in live mode.

Remember, everything in Stripe is separate for test and live modes, so any references to things like customers, payment intents, products, prices, etc must be from the correct mode that you’re working in, otherwise you’ll get errors such as this one.

Alright. Thanks again Adam
I think I know what the problem is.
I’ll test it

Hey I have a new small problem. I wondered if you know the sollution. When I want to share a listing of my masked bubble app immojacht, I get this add of Bubble " You don’t need to be a coder. Bubble intoduces…"
How can I make that dissepaear?