Product Generator app - similar to shopify

Hi All -
I am trying to essentially rebuild the Shopify product back-end where a user can add a product and assign different attributes to the product, and automatically calculate a SKU.

I’m new to bubble but not new to database concepts. I’m trying to design it in the same way I would a relational database but I feel like I might be making it harder than necessary doing it that way.

Requirements: Data tables and a form to…

  • Add a new product with the following: Product Name, Product Code Product Type, Product Type Code, Design (link to design table).
  • Add a new design with the following: Design Name, Design Code
  • Add a variant with the following: Variant Name, Variant Code, Design (link to design table)

As a result, each item needs to be unique and have a unique sku - aka, I can’t use a list of variants in the design table because it has to be a separate record.

Would love everyone’s thoughts!