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hey everyone …
I am trying to create an online store with admin dashboard to manage products, orders, etc., I have reached a point where I can’t understand how to work with the database, the issue is i want to make the store manager add products with multi variations, like sizes, colors, and shapes, etc., I have seen for example, Shopify how variations can be generated for products perfectly as in pictures, can you guide me in understanding how it’s work, I searched in the forum but didn’t find an answer to this question! Thank you

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If I understand your question correctly then that’s a broad question to ask. I’d recommend that you watch some tutorials on how to interact with bubbles database. Specifically videos where they use input fields.

But to try and answer your question.
You’ll need a data source of options that contain all the selections you want your users to be able to select. Something like this.
Size (list) small.medium,large. Color (list) red,blue green. Etc

Then I’d put a drop down input that use the list as a data source so users can select an option. (Do a search for-“Options”-sizes)

Then you’ll want a place to display the input values so they can be added up.
(Insert dynamic data - inputs value)

Hope that helps

Thank you Austin . my point here is not when display a data , i have already setup a data source for example Attributes = size , color Variations= (S,M,L), (red, blue ect…)
but in this case we have parent product is have many different variations like:
product 1 is parent product
product 1-1 , size S , color red
product 1-2 , size S , color blue
product 1-3 , size M , color red
product 1-1 , … ect
we have here 8 products variations with different prices and SKU

my question how can i create this variations from parent product ?
i know it’s maybe complicated or tricky but any advice it may help me
thank u


You want to use what is known has product keys and SKUs…do some research online (google) about these if not familiar already

Then create your option sets for the different categories they can choose from and have attributes for the key…then when a product is created you can create a SKU

Generally keys are letters and or numbers to represent some portion of the product

Color Red = R
Color Blue = B
Size Small = S
Size Large = L
Company Nike = NK
Company Addidas = AD
Shirt Type = TS (T-Shirt)
Shirt Type = LS (Long Sleeve)

Product SKU = NK-LS-S-R (Nike Long Sleeve Small Red)

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If you search for SKU we have discussed at length before, and how to do the database.

i’m searching for how to generate product variations , if you had discussed that before i’ll be thankful to give me reference for that topic

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Hey @raedalghamdi5808, did you ever figure this out? Trying to re-create the same as you were. Thanks!


Hello, did you ever figure this out? Trying to re-create the same as you were to build my marketplace. Thanks!

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