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Product Hunt Launch- feedback and tips?

Just a quick question: what are your thoughts on using to launch? I just posted my app there for my official launch today (you can check it out here: McSmartyPants Software - Product Guidance with Crowdsourcing & Machine Learning | Product Hunt and any feedback is appreciated) and am trying to do a big push all day there.

If you have experience there, it’d be great and useful to get your perspective.

If you’re not as familiar, it’d still be great to hear what your thoughts are on the post there in general, or perhaps other ways you’ve gained traction for your app launch.

Thanks and have a good one,


And, in case it might help anybody else out, I’ll be doing a livestream later on covering everything from the tools I used (Bubble included) to what has worked and not worked. I’ll cover Product Hunt too in case anyone is considering launching their app on the platform as well. And, it’ll just be a laid back open discussion with pretty much nothing off the table.

It’ll be at 6pm PDT today (August 2nd) at this link if any of that sounds interesting to you: