Professional App Testers

Hi all - quick question, is there such a thing as professional Bubble app testers? I.e. someone who would go through an already built Bubble app and test every piece professionally/robustly? Is there rough standard pricing for how much this would cost?

Separately, if you are reading this, is there a good place to find User Experience specialists for Bubble apps?

Preflight is the best solution I’ve come across:

There is a lot of documentation + videos on how to setup with your bubble app.

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do you want to test exactly the part that is in the constructor?

What do you mean by the constructor? I’d be looking for someone to test out the functionality of the app. I’m not an expert at testing, and I’m sure if it exists, someone who tests alot would unearth things like e.g. obvious UX flaws, errors when things are deleted, page redirection if the wrong user type is on a page, etc. Those are obviously quite basic, and I’m sure there are things I’m not thinking about.

I also think it would be useful to have someone who hasn’t stared at the app for weeks (i.e. me) to test it out before it goes live.

if you want i can test your app. DM to me

Just for curiosity…

Don’t you have to “teach” PreFlight how to test your app and what to expect in each action and click? Don’t you will already be testing your app during this process? I don’t understand how this is going to help me to discover things (errors) if everything that it will discover must be discovered for me first…

I know that I am not seeing the whole picture, please help me to understand… :sweat_smile:

you dont have to teach preflight anything, but the program only goes through some basic checks (for errors in the workflows, missing data/fields, etc).

but yes, for a comprehensive check, you’re better off asking some experienced bubble developers. When you’re building for clients, you can just video call the client and watch them click through the app :slight_smile: