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My users will have 3 different pages where they will input information for their profiles. Some information will appear on their public profile, but some will remain private for internal use of the service.

My question is, how can a set up a progress bar where the system will constantly check specified inputs on different pages to see if they are empty or not and based on that feed the progress bar.

Thank you!

There are several ways to do this.

The more complicated way, which is the way you’re implying is your current vision, is to create a hidden value that keeps track of how many questions have been answered. Anytime a new question is answered, run a workflow to increment the hidden value by 1 (e.g., = original value +1). When an answer gets deleted then subtract 1. Then, you can display a progress bar based on this data (e.g., hidden value / total number of questions).

A simpler way to do this, and also generally more user friendly, is to show that there are 3 pages at the top of each pages. When a user goes to the second page, mark the first page as completed at the top (usually with a simple color change) and highlight that the user is now on page 2 of the 3 page process. Here’s a screenshot as an example:

I hope this helps.

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For each profile input I would save it to the database. Then I would setup a field called PercentComplete and update it each time they complete each input. Probably just a count 33, 66 then 100. Then for the progress bar do a search on the database and show it’s progress based on the count field.

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Awesome ideas! I’ll try to implement them and give you an update! =) @john3 @sridharan.s

@john3 makes a good point. If you’re doing this on 3 different pages then the hidden value approach won’t work – you’ll have to do the same thing but instead save the data to a database instead of to a hidden value.

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